Frequently asked questions.

Aapoon is the world’s safest social media site, offering unmatched privacy to its users. All our users are fully verified, ensuring no duplicate or fake accounts. Our platform has a full suite of social media features and functions, including an embedded messaging function called Chit-Chat. Additionally, we will soon offer a wide range of applications and features that will enable users to conduct business with each other, and transact across our platform with trust, thereby creating a whole new social Marketplace on Aapoon.

As you may be aware, social media today does not provide a reliable experience to users like you. With a huge number of fake and duplicate accounts across social media, the level of trust has eroded. People are constantly being scammed, and advertisers are losing money with their valuable marketing budgets being squandered on fake and duplicate accounts. Meanwhile, despite much talk about user privacy by major online companies, the fact is that users are not provided any real privacy online. Social media platforms are constantly spying on their users, tracking them and listening in on them, and then targeting them in all sorts of ways – many of them intrusively. Besides, these companies are selling or sharing user data with 3rd parties, thereby exploiting users in ways that they are not even aware of. The result of this disregard for user privacy is the creation of trillions of dollars of wealth concentrated in the hands of a few companies. Aapoon was created to bring back trust online by not only completely verifying users for who they are but also by providing the world’s best privacy policy.

Using Aapoon will enable you to take back your life online. On Aapoon, you are in control of your information, and you can control who you interact with online, without fear of anyone else getting access to your data or tracking your data online.

Aapoon offers many features that you currently get on other Social media sites, and more. Apart from offering a large suite of features and functions, we also offer you complete privacy. Further, your data is never shared with third parties, period. To top it off, our messaging feature, called Chit-Chat is built right into our platform and offers a full suite of messaging capabilities. You don’t have to use 2 different applications for your social media and messaging.

Your government-issued photo ID is used to verify your identity when you join Aapoon. This way, we can confirm that all users on Aapoon are who they say they are.

Any ID you provide, must include your photo on it and be issued by your government. Typically these would include your driver’s license or passport. If these are not available, then you can consider submitting other forms of ID issued by your government such as citizen cards, permanent residency cards (‘green cards’), national identity cards (e.g. “Aadhar”), etc.

Sorry, we do not accept photo IDs provided by your school, college, university or place of work, even if they have your photo on them.

We use your photo ID and your selfie to validate your identity. Once we have verified your ID, we delete any record of your government-issued photo ID from our computers. We do not retain your photo ID information.

It typically takes a few seconds for our systems to automatically verify the ID of yours. However, there are times when our computers are not able to verify your ID. This can happen when the information provided may not be easily readable, or the language may not be recognizable. In such circumstances, the verification has to be done by a specialized team within Aapoon and make take as long as 48 hours to get completed. In such conditions, you will be informed of this additional level of verification.

Once we have verified your ID, we delete your ID data from our computers. The only information we retain from this verification process is a copy of your selfie photo. Since we do not retain your photo ID information, there is no data for us to safeguard.

It is not mandatory to update your Profile and Interests in your Aapoon account. However, when you update your account with this information, not only can you earn S-Tokens from Aapoon, but we are also able to provide you with a more customized experience on Aapoon. Also, since you are in control of your data in your account, you get to decide what parts of your personal information you want to share with other users. Remember, on Aapoon, you always have control of your data, including what you share and whom you want to share it with.

Aapoon has committed to its users that their personal information will never leave the Aapoon platform. Aapoon will never share or sell a user’s personal information with any third party – without their express permission. On Aapoon, users are in control of their personal information and can choose what they want to share with others. No other social media platform offers such a high level of privacy.

Aapoon believes that privacy is where a user is free from being observed or disturbed. It is an individual’s right to determine what information about themselves they are willing to share with others, and even be able to determine who gets to see the information and when they can see it.

The short answer is – why not? The long answer is that we believe that users are entitled to remain private online. As long as they are not practicing or spreading negative behaviors (as defined in our User Terms agreement), they are free to keep to themselves on Aapoon. Unlike other social media platforms, we do not believe in exploiting user privacy for profit.

At Aapoon, your information and what you say and do on Aapoon is your business – as long as it does not violate the terms of your User Agreement. On other social media platforms, they reserve the right to take all your data, follow and track everything you do on their platform(s), read your emails and messages, and even listen in on your conversations. They also reserve the right to do whatever they want with your data – including sharing and selling it to 3rd parties without your knowledge and without compensating you for it.

You can access Aapoon privacy policy here.

You can access Aapoon Terms of Service policy here.

Only you can read your data in your account. You can decide what parts of your data you want to open up to sharing by providing the appropriate permissions in your account.

You can manage your personal information under the “Privacy Settings”. You can turn off or on specific personal information you want to keep private or make public.

Aapoon offers a broad range of social media functions that are typically available on other social media sites including messaging, sharing of photos and videos, liking posts, and connecting with friends. Also, Aapoon allows you access to your existing email, calendar, and meeting set up directly from the application.

We are always open to improvement. If you have any suggestions for features or functions we should consider, please use the feedback form on the application or web interface.

Aapoon offers digital coins called SONA when you join Aapoon and go through the full verification process. SONA has no direct monetary value, but will soon be usable on Aapoon to obtain discounts from vendors on the platform.

SONA has no monetary value. But each SONA coin value is $1 in-kind when used to buy goods and services on the platform.

SONA is the Indian word for Gold.

If you have any questions that are not answered above, please feel free to contact us with your questions.