Can I deploy it in-house?

Yes, that is the most significant advantage of white labeling. You could also deploy in your cloud, Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform.

Does white labeling allow customizations to meet our business requirements?

Absolutely, that is the beauty of white labeling.

Does aapoon sell or share our data?

Not all! Your data never leaves the platform or is shared with third parties.

Is it a secure platform?

aapoon offers several levels of secure access, such as phone verification, facial recognition, and unique secure tokens for meeting attendees, which are not available in any other social media or video conferencing apps in the market today.

Can I integrate the white-labeled app with popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Yes, you can integrate with your choice of social media apps by customizing.

Can I run data analytics?

We offer Prometheus and Grafana integrations out of the box. You can use any other data analytics tools.

Any AI tools that you use or recommend?

We recommend Open AI and KNIME platforms.

What is the cost of White labeling?

Each customer's requirements are different. Therefore, we require a discovery call with you to understand your business needs to provide cost estimates.

Is support included in the cost of White labeling?

It is an easy question to answer! We charge no support or maintenance fees during the first year of deployment. However, there are annual maintenance and support fees from the second year of deployment.