What We Offer

aapoon messenger

aapoon messenger is a free-to-download communication mobile app that offers its customers an option to own their data by white labeling.


aapoon meet

Safe and secured virtual meeting application for businesses with advanced encryption and powerful security features

What We Offer

aapoon messenger

White-Labeled Messaging and Communication Apps for Businesses, Universities, Non-Profits & Political Parties


aapoon meet

Safe and Secured virtual meeting application for businesses With advanced encryption and powerful security features

Why Us

Secured Communication Platforms

aapoon provides a higher level of security than other social media and video conferencing apps on the market today. Our app security features include phone verification, AI-based facial recognition, unique secure tokens for meeting attendees, and video comparison.

Trusted by Organizations

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aapoon messenger

White-labeling and Premium Services for Your Private Social Network

aapoon’s Post-Quantum Cryptography is a gamechanger in security, giving users the reins to encryption keys for ultimate privacy. With futureproof quantum-resistant tech, the data stays safeguarded. aapoon offers on-premises solutions and customizable features, ensuring unparalleled levels of personalization and security that platforms like WhatsApp & Telegram simply can’t match!

aapoon meet

Safe and Secured Virtual Meeting Application for Businesses

With advanced encryption and powerful security features, aapoon meet keeps your business meetings and data safe. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it the perfect solution for secure and reliable virtual meetings.

Maximize Your Virtual Meeting Productivity

Speaker Statistics

Enables you to track and analyze the performance of individual speakers during virtual meetings

Live Streaming

With the live streaming feature, you can easily broadcast your virtual events in real-time, making it possible for anyone to join, no matter where they are in the world.

Attendee Tracking

With attendance tracking you can identify patterns or trends of the attendees and making it easy for you to monitor engagement levels and make data-driven decisions.

Cloud Storage

With our Cloud storage facility it is convenient and secure way for you to store and access your virtual meetings data from anywhere, anytime

Organization Branding

With organizational branding feature, you can customize the look and feel of your virtual meetings to match your company's branding


With polls feature, you can easily gather valuable insights and feedback from your meeting attendees.

Trusted by top global business organizations


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, that is the most significant advantage of white labeling. You can also deploy it in the cloud: Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform.

Absolutely, that is the beauty of white labeling.

Not at all! Your data never leaves the platform or is shared with third parties.

aapoon offers several levels of security verification, such as phone verification, AI-based facial recognition, and unique secure tokens for meeting attendees, and video comparison which are not available in any other social media or video conferencing app in the market today.


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