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aapoon is putting an end to fake users & content by making sure our users are real! All our users are fully verified with government issued photo ID.


Your privacy is your business, and you control it. User data never leaves the platform, nor is shared with or sold to third parties.


Aapoon shares part of its Ad revenue with you based on your participation. Why are you letting the other social media platforms use your data and rake in billions….. while sharing nothing with you?


No need to jump between various social media apps. aapoon’s “Chit-Chat” feature provides a fully integrated messaging platform with capabilities that not only allow you to communicate with friends, communities, and your favorite businesses, but also enables you to choose who gets to communicate with you.


Why aapoon

Trust is a Must

We believe that it’s time to start rebuilding trust in social media. People are constantly being scammed on social media via fake and duplicate accounts. The volume of fake content steadily makes new highs – often causing social and economic discord. Many governments are now extremely concerned with the generation of this large volume of fake content and are looking to implement regulation to address this. Scarier still is that many social platforms have allowed underage children to join them, putting these children at risk.

The aapoon Way

On aapoon, all our users are real people. Our users are fully verified with government-issued photo ID using our world-leading facial recognition technology. This means that there are no duplicate or fake accounts on aapoon. This also means that the generation of fake content is reduced significantly.

Unmatched Privacy

We also believe that privacy is a right of social media users. It is a well-known fact that the existing social media companies constantly collect user’s clicks and keyboard strokes and user’s data is being sold to third parties with no regard to data privacy.

The aapoon Way

We offer a level of privacy that is unmatched. Our users are provided with options to make their data private from other users. Further, aapoon commits its users that their personal information will never leave the platform or sold to third parties.

Distribute the Wealth

Today, the significant wealth that is generated from social media user data is owned and controlled by a few companies and their major shareholders. Users get no monetary benefit for their data from the social media apps and platforms that they use.

The aapoon Way

aapoon understands that users are the backbone of social media. We are, therefore, willing to share our revenues with our users – based on their level of usage of the platform.

Combining Social Media with Messaging

aapoon is also the only social media app integrated with a messaging platform called Chit-Chat. It is not only robust but also offers features and functions that users have been asking for, but have not been available – until now.

For starters, our messaging groups allow an unlimited number of users. Also, group admins and users are provided with tools to better manage their messages. Additional features that we will be launching in the coming weeks and months will also include additional capabilities that will not only be world-wide firsts but will also be features that users have been asking for. To learn more about these capabilities, we invite you to download and start using aapoon. Join our social revolution!

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We are accepting investment from only Accredited investors. Minimum investment is $25,000.

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