Are you using social media to instantly communicate with ALL your employees or members?
Frustrated with the inefficiency of your current social media platform?
Are you managing too many groups?
Are you in fact completely unable to use social media for your organization?
Or fed up of Fake Content?
You STILL OK with your personal information being sold to 3rd parties?

World’s Safest Social Media for Large Groups & Organizations

Easy Management

Control who gets to post in the group. Users can choose whose messages they want to see – and filter out irrelevant ones.

Organize All Users One Large Structured Group

Set up structured organizations for all your employees/members, customers and partners/vendors. Unlimited number of users in each group. Use the organization structure that’s right for you.

World’s Safest Social Media Experience

Unmatched privacy and commitments to its users that other social media platforms do not and cannot make.

Made in India. Made for India


Why aapoon

All Users In One Large Structured Group

Start with an unlimited number of users in a group.

Organize them in a structured fashion to reflect your organization.

Communicate instantly either across the entire organization, or just focus on a small subgroup within.

Set up one structured group for all your employees and members, another for your customers, and yet another for your partners and vendors.

Easy Management

For Group Admins:

Tools you need to manage your large groups effectively.

Control who gets to post in a group, or make the communications only one way.

Add or remove users as required.

For Users:

Choose whose messages you want to see – and filter out irrelevant ones.

Why aapoon

World’s Safest Social Media Experience

aapoon offers unmatched privacy and commitments to its users that other social media platforms do not and cannot make.

  • End of Fake: Everyone on aapoon is real. Users are fully-verified with photo ID. We are putting an end to fake content!
  • No Eavesdropping: We don’t listen in or record your conversations.
  • No Tracking: aapoon does not track or follow our users, or look in on their location without their permission.
  • No Sharing or Selling of Personal Data: A commitment to our users to never sell or share their personal data, nor allow their personal information to ever leave our platform without their permission.
  • Commitment to Removing Negative Users: We are prepared to suspend and then consider removing users who violate our user agreement policies.

Want to find out more about how aapoon can benefit you, then contact us, and one of our sales team members will reach out to you shortly.

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