February 3, 2023

Decoding the Political Strategy of Modi and how he used Real Time Messaging to win

Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, has been on the political scene for over a decade. Over the years, Modi’s Political Strategy has been unique and tactics have earned him a huge following and immense political success. In this blog, we will decode the political strategy of Modi and explore how he has used real-time messaging to manage the cadre.

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Decoding the Political Strategy of Modi to get BJP elected in India:

Building a Strong Online Presence

Early Adoption:

Modi was one of the first politicians to embrace social media, which gave him an early advantage over other parties. By starting early, he was able to build a large following and establish himself as an early leader in this space.

Consistent and Engaging Content: 

Modi has consistently posted engaging and relevant content on his social media platforms. He has used this content to connect with his followers and share his vision for the country. This has helped him build a strong online presence and maintain the loyalty of his followers.

Strategic Use of Technology:

Modi has used technology, such as mobile apps, video conferencing, and virtual rallies, to reach out to the masses and communicate his message effectively. This has helped him expand his reach and engage with his followers in a more personal and effective way.

BJP Mobile App to communicate with cadre and followers

Effective Use of Hashtags:

Modi has effectively used hashtags to promote his initiatives and create a buzz around them. This has helped him reach a larger audience and engage with them on a deeper level.

Effective Use of Hashtags pm modi

Real-Time Messaging:

Modi has used real-time messaging to communicate with his party members and supporters, which has helped him stay connected with them and keep them informed about the latest developments.

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Using Real-Time Messaging to Manage the Cadre and supporters:

One of the key ways Modi has been able to successfully manage his cadre is through real-time messaging. He has been able to use this tool to communicate with his party members and supporters on a regular basis. This has helped him stay connected with them, keep them informed about the latest developments, and ensure that they are aligned with his vision and goals.

Another advantage of real-time messaging is that it has allowed Modi to respond to emerging situations and trends quickly. This has helped him stay ahead of the curve and react to events as they unfold. He has also been able to use this tool to dispel rumours and false information, which has helped maintain the integrity of his message and reputation.

Messaging Groups:

Modi used Messaging groups to communicate directly with his party members and supporters. This allowed him to send real-time updates, news, and important announcements to a large audience in a quick and effective manner.

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Modi is a prolific user of Twitter, where he regularly posts updates and interacts with his followers. He uses this platform to share his views, respond to queries, and communicate important announcements.

pm modi twitter

Virtual Rallies:

Modi used virtual rallies to connect with his supporters and communicate his message. These rallies were broadcast live on social media, which allowed him to reach a larger audience and engage with them in real-time.

Virtual Rallies pm modi

Video Conferencing:

Modi has used video conferencing to connect with party members, supporters, and the public. This has allowed him to communicate his message directly and respond to questions in real-time.

Video Conferencing Pm Modi


In conclusion, Modi’s political strategy has been marked by his innovative use of technology and real-time messaging. He has been able to use these tools to connect with the public, manage his cadre, and stay ahead of the curve. Through his efforts, he has built a large following and become one of the most successful political leaders in India.

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