The name change will reflect the renewed focus of the company on the Indian market

HOUSTON, TX:  Aapoon, Inc., the world’s safest social media, today announced that it has changed its name from SocialChainz, Inc., to Aapoon, Inc.  Along with the name change, the company is also changing its URL and social media apps to

Over the past few weeks, Aapoon has been transforming itself and its social media platform to focus on the large opportunity presented in India and across the 30 million Indians in the Indian Diaspora globally.  “Social media in India is going through an inflection point with stringent changes in regulation, cultural and nationalistic movements on all things Indian, and fatigue among Indians for the amount of uncertainty and fake they encounter on social media”, says Srini Katta, Founder, and CEO of Aapoon.  “Aapoon is the only social media platform that will be able to address the regulatory needs of the India market”, he adds.

Keeping in line with this renewed focus, the company has selected the name “Aapoon” as its brand.  Aapoon is a term of endearment popularized by Bollywood films and used to refer to oneself or a close group of friends.  “Indians in India and abroad immediately relate to the name, and find they relate to it”, says Hubert Vaz-Nayak, COO of Aapoon.

Social media in India continues to grow rapidly with over 350 million social network users.  And yet no social media platforms have emerged from India.  Changing regulation is starting to demand that social media platforms cut down on the massive quantities of fake content that are being propagated through such forms of communication.  “Aapoon is the only platform in the world that can deliver a safe social media experience because all our users are fully verified with their government-issued photo IDs.  This ensures that each user account is owned by a real person.  With no fake or duplicate accounts to hide behind, the opportunity to promote fake content will diminish significantly”, says Katta.  “And unlike our competitors, we at Aapoon are willing to suspend and remove users who are guilty of bad behaviors.”

The new version of the Aapoon app, which is available in Android and iPhone versions, will have new and improved messaging capabilities that will not only be more comprehensive than the ones commonly used in India but also provide capabilities that are typically not available for large messaging groups. The new version of the Aapoon app will be released by the end of February

About Aapoon: is a full-featured social media platform.  It is the world’s safest social media platform where every user is fully verified via email, phone number, and government photo ID.  Users are offered the best privacy available online.  User data is never shared or sold to third parties. Recognizing that users are the backbone of social media, Aapoon is sharing up to 50% of its profits with its users.  The platform is available to users worldwide and already has tens of thousands of users from across more than 30 countries worldwide, and continues to grow.

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