We are excited that the Founder Institute a prestigious startup accelerator focused on helping founding teams grow has expanded it’s operations in Texas from Austin to Houston. This is a recognition of the investment potential for Houston as a technology hub. We are proud to be part of that movement. As part of a rigorous process, Srini was invited to join the Houston cohort. We are evaluating the opportunity given the stage and progress of our company. It is heartwarming to see validation of our conviction in our values. “After carefully reviewing your written essay questions and the results of your assessment, we believe that you have the potential to graduate our program and build an enduring company. In particular, the assessment shows that you have many traits that we have found to be critical for entrepreneurship, such as above average fluid intelligence and openness,“

SocialChains at BlockerCon "BlockChain for Good"
Srini Katta invited to 2019 Blockchain Tour in Seoul