August 27, 2019 

VinDAX will facilitate IEO, listing effective October 4th, 2019

THE WOODLANDS, TX: SocialChains, the world’s safest social media, today announced that it has signed an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) agreement with VinDAX, the largest crypto exchange in Vietnam, to list the company’s cryptocurrency (SONA) starting October 14th, 2019. VinDAX will promote SONA to its investor base.

“Our goal is to make SONA a widely used currency on our platform globally”, says Srini Katta, Chairman, Founder and CEO of SocialChains. “Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, which may be owned anonymously, SONA can only be owned and used by verified users. Our expectation is that this will ensure that the currency is not used for fraudulent purposes”, added Katta.

SocialChains has created SONA, its own cryptocurrency based on the ERC20 standard. Most of the tokens are reserved for distribution to the company’s growing social media base, creating the world’s most liquid cryptocurrency. The company plans to list SONA with multiple exchanges globally, thereby not only increasing liquidity, but also using IEOs to continue funding growth of the company’s social media platform.

“Listing SocialChains on our platform was a quick and easy decision for us to make”, says Daniel Nguyen, CEO of VinDAX. He added that “SocialChains has a solid strategy and execution plan in place, and unlike many crypto-backed startups, has already started to build momentum for its company. VinDAX looks forward to building a strong relationship with SocialChains through this, and future funding rounds.”

SONA will be listed on the VinDAX exchange, and begin to trade on October 18th, 2019 at 6:00 UTC.

About SocialChains: is a full-featured social media platform.  It is the world’s safest social media platform where every user is fully verifying via their email, phone number, and government-issued photo ID.  Users are offered the best privacy available online.  SocialChains guarantees that it will never read its users’ emails, or scan, analyze, sell, or share user information without their permission.  Recognizing that users are the backbone of social media, SocialChains is also willing to share up to 50% of its profits with its users.  The platform has been operating in beta mode and has taken on tens of thousands of users across more than 30 countries via invitation.  The platform expects to open to all users in August 2019.

Media Contact:

Hubert Vaz-Nayak
Chief Operating Officer

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